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CP004 Use of Shire of Wandering Logo Policy 19/10/2016
CP015 Financial Management Policy 29/09/2016
CP017 Outbuildings Policy 29/09/2016
CP018 Legal Representation for Councillors and Employees Policy 29/09/2016
CP020 Records Management for Councillors and Employees Policy 29/09/2016
CP022 Home Office, Home Business & Home Occupation Policy 29/09/2016
CP023 Purchasing and Tender Policy 29/09/2016
CP024 Occupational Health and Safety Policy 29/09/2016
CP026 Signage Policy 29/09/2016
CP027 Integrated Planning Policy 29/09/2016
CP028 Workforce Planning & Management Policy 29/09/2016
Community Engagement & Consultation Policy 29/09/2016
CP031 Private Works Policy 29/09/2016
CP032 Emergency Response Leave for Employees Policy 29/09/2016
CP033 Asset Management Policy 29/09/2016
CP034 Premier's Australia Day Award Policy 29/09/2016
CP035 Significant Accounting Policies 29/09/2016
CP038 Rates - Contiguous Valuation Policy 29/09/2016
CP013 Naming of Public Places Policy 29/09/2016
CP014 Complaints and Compliments Policy 29/09/2016
CP037 Transportable Dwelling Policy 29/09/2016
CP001 Corporate Credit Card Policy 27/09/2016
CP002 Equal Opportunity Harrassment and Bullying Policy 27/09/2016
CP003 Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 27/09/2016
CP005 Councillor Recognition Policy 27/09/2016
CP007 Councillor and Employee Dress Standard Policy 27/09/2016
CP006 Employee Recognition Policy 27/09/2016
CP008 Common Seal Usage Policy 27/09/2016
CP009 Official Photographs Policy 27/09/2016
CP010 Risk Management Policy 27/09/2016
CP011 Ordinary Council Meeting - Order of Business Policy 27/09/2016
CP012 Memorials on Council Land Policy 27/09/2016