Review of the Shires Community Strategic Plan

Posted on: Friday, 5 May 2017 at 1:32:29 PM

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Review of the Shires Community Strategic Plan kicks off in May...

Council is required by the Department of Local Government and Communities to review their Strategic Community Plan and engage with members of the Public to ensure that the Strategic Vision and Direction for Wandering is a reflection of rate payers and residents alike.  We have engaged the services of Caroline Robinson from the Wheatbelt Business Network to conduct our community consultation and engagement sessions.  Caroline is from Narembeen and understands the challenges that small communities face.  Caroline will be working with a number of Wheatbelt Councils in this regard.

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Caroline will be getting in contact with local groups and conducting some one on one phone sessions to ascertain how the residents and key stakeholders of Wandering rate the Shire’s service delivery and to understand what's important to residents and rate payers over the next 5—10 years.  This year we are not conducting big dream sessions asking for you to think about whether an airport or swimming pool is best for Wandering.  We are being more focussed on maintaining the fabric of our community and understanding what services are essential and what are nice to haves. 

 Local Governments like State Government at present are working in a fiscally challenged environment where the only capacity to raise money, when the State and Federal Government are slashing grants is through your rates. We are mindful of the impact of this and we would like to understand what you think makes Wandering unique and special and why its important to you.  

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We are also keen to understand what you think Councils role is in business and job development for Wandering and how do we perhaps help keep the school alive.  Input can be provided via an online survey, which can be accessed via: .  A hard copy version can also be completed at the Shire Office or Wandering CRC.  It is very short and should only take 5 minutes to complete.  Caroline Robinson will be available via phone to discuss your thoughts anytime, in person at the CRC for resident meetings on 9 May and will be meeting with a number of local community, sporting, business and service groups over May and June.  Please contact Caroline on 0403 225 900 and 9880 8035.

We look forward to hearing from you. We value our community’s input, as it plays an important part in shaping Council’s strategic direction over the next 5-10 years. We want to know what you see as important and what you value in our community

Amanda is contactable if any one would like to discuss process etc… call her on 98841056

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