Regional Roadworks Signage Review

Published on Tuesday, 4 May 2021 at 11:19:44 AM

Regional Roadworks Signage Review Community Engagement Program Begins

Community invited to participate - engagement program runs 20 April to 10 June

The community is invited to provide comment on the Regional Roadworks Signage Review, through a community consultation program that begins from 21 April and continues until 10 June 2021.

Initiated by the Minister for Transport in late 2020, the review is being overseen by Chairperson Dennis O’Reilly who formed an industry-based reference group in January 2021 to assist.

The review’s purpose is to improve safety and road user experiences when driving through temporary road works sites in regional Western Australia.

The review is looking at whether temporary traffic signage installed in regional areas is being properly secured and displayed at roadworks sites, as well as investigating all aspects of temporary traffic management signage on roads including standards, design, training and the resulting practices and outcomes.

Technical and research support is being provided by The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) and the members of the reference group.

 ARRB’s scope includes looking at existing standards, policies and practices in WA and across the nation, as well as research and consideration of available innovation and technology solutions for traffic management.

The reference group provides a forum to determine and discuss the review’s technical, innovation, and research work being undertaken ARRB, as well as consider the outcomes of the community and stakeholder engagement program now underway.

The reference group has executive representatives from:

  • The Traffic Management Association of Australia WA

  • Worksafe

  • Engineers Australia WA

  • Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia WA

  • RAC

  • Western Roads Federation

  • Livestock and Rural Transporters’ Assoc.

  • Transport Workers Union

  • Civil Contractors Federation

  • WA Local Government

  • Construction Contractors Assoc.

  • Road Safety Council

  • WA Police

An on-line project portal is now available at Regional Roadworks Signage Review | My Say Transport with details about how you can get involved.

Review Chairperson Dennis O’Reilly said members of the community can register for project email updates and our early community forums.

“On the portal the community can also take our survey, post on our Ideas Board or submit questions for to the review’s reference group to consider and answer during the consultation period,” Mr O’Reilly said.

“The engagement program’s purpose is to gather information about the community’s experiences when moving through roadworks on our regional road network, these will be used to inform recommendations to be developed for presentation to government.

“We are keen to understand what the community thinks is done well and what they think could be improved in relation to temporary roadworks signage throughout regional Western Australia.

“We also want to know what people find difficult about temporary road works signage, which might include visibility, position, glare, signs being knocked over and the use of technology, such as digital signage and temporary traffic signals.

“The feedback we receive will be collated and provided to the reference group to consider alongside the technical work being undertaken by ARRB.

“While we won’t be reviewing the use of fixed road and railway crossing signage, feedback received regarding these topics will also be presented as part of the reporting process,” Mr O’Reilly said.

Forum locations can be found by clicking here.

The community is encouraged to register as venue capacity limits remain due to COVID 19.


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