Sporting Groups

The following Clubs and Groups operate in Wandering:

Sporting group contact information
Wandering Community Resource Centre 9884 1561
Pumphreys CWA Raelene Warburton  0428 877 038
Wandering Cricket Club David Parsons 9887 7056
Wandering CWA Linda Wilkins  0458 212 273
Wandering Golf Club Mrs Di Warburton 9884 1063
Wandering Lions Club Mr Mal Wilkins 0427 527 150
Wandering P & C Luke Hewitt 0488 082 576
Wandering Play Group Helen Herbert  0427 984 045
Wandering/ Boddington Clay Target Club Mr Greg Ryan 0418 928 800

Wandering Golf Club

Are you interested in playing golf? Read on to find out more information about Wandering Golf Club.

WANDERING GOLF CLUB, 306 North Wandering Rd, Wandering


A meeting of interested residents took place in April 1957 during which they discussed the possibility of constructing a golf course and forming a club. Work began almost immediately. Bulldozers cleared timber for 9 holes and fairways were ploughed and levelled. Interest lagged in 1958 but work continued in 1959 and some play took place in rugged conditions by the more enthusiastic golfers. The first stage of the clubhouse was completed in 1960. In 1962 moves were made to extend the course to 18 holes. The second 9 holes was ready for play in May 1964.

Over the years some excellent low handicap golfers have emerged and continued on to win Championships and events in Upper Great Southern. For most of us we attend golf for the challenge of improvement of handicap, the exercise and the social outlet.

Each year the golf season commences in April (rain or no rain) and ends early October.

Club Day: Sunday - Men & ladies tee off approx 12.30 for 18 holes of golf.

Ladies Day: Wednesday – Ladies tee off approx. 11.00 am for 18 holes of golf.

The competition fee is usually $5.00.

Currently the annual subs are set at:

  • Members $120
  • Social Member $60
  • Country Member $50 (Only available if you are a member of another golf club).
  • Junior Member $20
  • Nomination fee $5

Details of some of the 2019 committee are listed below:

President: Maurice Sewell Ph: 9887 7073
Men’s Captain: Glen Hardie Ph: 0438 928 405
Ladies Captain: Lyn Schorer Ph: 0427 883 595
Secretary: Di Warburton Ph: 0429 884 100

A couple of times each year we hold events that potential golfers can enjoy.
A ‘Have-A-Go-Day’ is held early in the year as a pre-season event and there is a Scroungers event in July.
Please contact a committee person if you would like more information.