Welcome to the Shire of Wandering

The Shire of Wandering is a small rural authority located in the Central South region of Western Australia. Located some 120km South-East of Perth, it is a short yet scenic drive off the Albany Highway through many picturesque fields and homes. With a total area encompassing around 1, 955 km2, Wandering is a cosy farming town with approximately 600 people residing in the Shire, and less than 100 people in the Township itself.

As the Town grows, and becomes more attractive as a "Bush Change", it is obvious why people from all stretches of the world are being attracted to the Community. The Shire of Wandering insists on a friendly focus and maintaining a nurturing community where diversity, difference and a sense of identity are respected and valued. Seeking input from the local community, the Shire of Wandering will continually develop to become a place of warmth and relaxation.

Latest News

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