Welcome to the Shire of Wandering

The Shire of Wandering is a small rural authority located in the Central South region of Western Australia. Located some 120km South-East of Perth, it is a short yet scenic drive off the Albany Highway through many picturesque fields and homes. With a total area encompassing around 1, 955 km2, Wandering is a cosy farming town with approximately 600 people residing in the Shire, and less than 100 people in the Township itself.

As the Town grows, and becomes more attractive as a "Bush Change", it is obvious why people from all stretches of the world are being attracted to the Community. The Shire of Wandering insists on a friendly focus and maintaining a nurturing community where diversity, difference and a sense of identity are respected and valued. Seeking input from the local community, the Shire of Wandering will continually develop to become a place of warmth and relaxation.

Latest News

  • 2016 Ranger of the Year Award WA Rangers Association is seeking submissions from Local Government and members of the public for the 2016 WA Ranger of the Year Award. Read More
  • Sowing the Seeds for Road Safety Seeding season is on the way. There will be increased heavy freight traffic and towed farm equipment on local roads within the Shire. Read More
  • New Gift and Travel Disclosure Legislation The recent legislative changes to the "Local Government Act 1995" means that elected members and designated employees will need to ensure that they disclose details of travel and gifts within 10 days of receiving them and these details will need to be available for inspection online. Read More