Local Laws

Fencing Land Abutting A Road By-Law

To require land owners to fence the boundary abutting a road where required for the convenience and safety of travelling stock.

"Whereas under the provisions of The Road Districts Act, 1919, if the Board of any Road District is empowered to make By-laws for any of the purposes mentioned in the said Act, the Wandering District Road Board, doth, in exercise of the powers aforesaid and of every power enabling it in this behalf, hereby make the following By-law:

The Board may require the owner of any land to fence the boundary abutting a road that, in the opinion of the Board, is necessary for the convenience and safety of travelling stock."

Passed by resolution of the Wandering Road Board, on the 7th day of June, 1924.

Dividing Fences

If you require specific information relation to the process of agreeing to, and sharing the costs of a dividing fence with your neighbour then please read the current Dividing Fences brochure

The Dividing Fences Act 1961 deals with the process of sharing the costs of building and maintaining your dividing fence, with your neighbour. Other matters regarding boundaries are dealt with by other legislation, government agencies and/or the Courts.

Alternatively, you can access the complete Dividing Fences Act 1961 here or by going to the State Law Publisher website at www.slp.wa.gov.au

If you require further information please contact the Building Commission on 1300 489 099.

Wandering Cemeteries By-Law

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Health Local Law

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