Wandering Community Resource Centre

Wandering Community Resource Centre

Located in the Old Agricultural Hall (1896), the Wandering Community Resource Centre (CRC) provides a variety of information and community-based services to not only locals, but to local businesses and visitors as well.

The Wandering CRC also doubles as the local public library and Toy library. The CRC provides the community with computer access, Department of Transport Licensing and a Government and Centrelink access point, among other various information and administration services.
If you would like to place an advertisment in the Wandering Echo (our local monthly paper) then don't hesitate to contact us, or come in and meet our Co-Ordinator Alana Rosenthal.

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 9:00am - 4:00pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays CLOSED

Contact Us

Wandering Community Resource Centre
Email crc@wandering.wa.gov.au
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wanderingcrc
Co-ordinator Alana Rosenthal
Address 18 Watts Street, Wandering WA 6308
Telephone (08) 6828 1820

We provide the following facilities and services:

Desktop Publishing

The Wandering Community Resource Centre offers a comprehensive colour, black and white photocopying and printing service up to A3. We offer discounts for bulk quantities and a special discount for local community groups and projects. We also offer A3 and A4 laminating. Please contact the Wandering CRC for more information on pricing and for a quote.

Visitor & Tourist Information

We have a variety of brochures, pamphlets and other information on the community, local businesses, and the surrounding areas. There is also a noticeboard for community events and businesses.

Computer and Internet Access

At the Wandering CRC there are four public computers available with internet access.

Wandering Public Library

Wandering LibraryThe Wandering Community Resource Centre hosts the Wandering Public Library. Membership is free, and books, DVD's and audio books may be borrowed for up to three weeks. Looking for a particular book? The Wandering CRC can also order in special requests from the State Library.
The CRC also hosts Better Beginnings during the school term for 0 to 5 year old children.

For more information, please contact the Wandering CRC or click here

Wandering Toy Library

In addition to the Public library, the Wandering Community Resource Centre also hosts the Wandering Toy Library. There are a wide range of toys of excellent quality and educational benefit available for borrowing by members and up to three toys may be borrowed at any one time. 

For more information, click here

Book Exchange

Wandering CRC provides a free-of-charge book exchange which contains a variety of titles available to anyone. Come in and exchange you unwanted titles and take home something new to enjoy.

Government Services Access Point

The Wandering Community Resource Centre has a separate Department of Human Services Access point. This consists of a telephone and fax service for Centrelink and Medicare services.

Wandering Echo Newsletter

Every month, the CRC publishes and distributes the local paper, the Wandering Echo, to the community and surrounding districts. If you would like to advertise in the Echo, please contact the CRC.

Room Hire

The CRC is available for community groups to utilise. The CRC also provides various office equipment available for hire, as well as video conferencing facilities.

Department of Transport Licensing

The Wandering CRC also provides Department of Transport Licensing services.

Movie Equipment Hire

The Wandering CRC has available for hire outdoor movie screen and sound system, along with a popcorn and slushie machine to make the night even more fun.  If you are interested in hiring this equipment, please complete the on-line enquiry form here.


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