Wandering Transfer Station

The Wandering Waste Transfer Station will be open during the following hours:

Sundays 8.00am to 4.00pm
Mondays 8.00am to 3.00pm


The Waste Transfer Station will accept your normal household waste as well as your recyclables. You will be required to place your recyclables in the designated areas prior to driving up to the new station and dropping your general rubbish in the big red bins provided.

This will have two benefits, firstly, you will be reducing the amount of landfill that will be buried at the new Regional Rubbish Tip and thus helping the environment, secondly, your recyclables will be collected and recycled into other products, again saving the environmental impact on dwindling natural resources.

Fees and Charges apply.

The Waste Transfer Site will be manned during opening hours by a Council employee who will be in charge of the daily operation of the station and provide guidance and direction when and where required. Please ensure that the Transfer Site Attendant’s instructions are followed.

For the latest recycling calendar please click here.