Current Road Closures

Please exercise caution when travelling on sealed and unsealed roads within the Shire, as isolated weather events may affect the road conditions.

A list of current road closure notifications can be found below:

Current and Upcoming Road Closures

Road NameDatesReason


  • Codjatotine Mooterdine Road – open to all traffic – still has a blocked culvert that will be cleared when the river level drops further
  • Grahams Road –  4WDs only – there is approximately 100mm of water over the road, but 100 - 400 mm deep washouts still need repairs when the river level drops
  • Moramockining Road – 4WDs only – there is approximately 100mm water over the road and washouts 300 - 400 mm in depth on the southern side of the floodway that will be repaired when the river level drops.


The Shire will be starting road shoulder sealing works on the 21st September 2021 from Charlton Road to North Wandering Road as part of road safety work funded by the Commonwealth Government. Motorists can expect some delays during this work until the 30th September 2021.