FMD Resources

Here are some resources for your reference in the event of FMD entering WA.



  • This is the public Brands Register where you can check your registration expiry date and that your details are up to date. Make sure that every property you run stock on is listed. It costs nothing to add or remove a property, using a form accessed from the above webpage.


  • Livestock Product Assurance (LPA) program – If you intend to supply stock into the food supply or undertake commercial sale of stock (private or public auction), you will need to become accredited with the LPA to access the National Vendor Declaration (NVD) waybill. The LPA program is an industry run, auditable, base level food safety program. The NVD waybill provides information on the status of your animals and meets the regulations for a movement document required every time stock leave your property (even if they are coming home again!).


Fact Sheets:

Register as an owner of livestock fact sheet

Application for registration as owner of stock

Horse / Donkey ID fact sheet

Pig fact sheet

Cattle / Buffalo fact sheet

Sheep / Goat fact sheet

Other species ID and movement fact sheet

Other websites for information: