Thinking of Becoming a Councillor?

Local Government Councillors are elected by people who live and do business in the local Council area and / or own property within the local government and have registered to vote.

Councillors play an important community leadership role and create policies and resolve decisions that the Council makes about what happens locally.

Local government elections are held on the third Saturday of October, every two years.

If you are interested in becoming a Councillor and would like more information you can click on the links (below) to the Department of Local Government's website or the WA Electoral Commission's website.  

Department of Local Government - Standing for Council (Information for Candidates)

Western Australian (WA) Electoral Commission - Information for Candidates and Electors

Both the Department of Local Government and the WA Electoral Commission provide information on the timelines for Local Government Elections.

Alternatively potential candidates are also encouraged and welcome to contact the Council's Chief Executive Officer for a confidential conversation by telephoning (08) 6828 1800 or contacting one of the existing elected members of the Council. Contact information for the elected members can be found here.