About the Council

Crest and SloganShire of Wandering

The Shire's Crest Graphics, adopted in 1956, include the three traditional industries - grain, sheep and wool.

The accepted literal translation of the slogan "Veritatis Simlex Oratia Est" is "It Is Simple To Speak The Truth"

The slogan Scenic Wandering has been adopted to reflect the district's natural beauty.


The Wandering Roads Board was originally divided into 3 wards (North, North East and South) on 17th May, 1918.

A number of minor variations to Ward boundaries have occurred over the years, before the Town Ward was created on 8th September 2000.

The Shire of Wandering was divided into 4 Wards until 2009 elections when The Wards System was abolished.

Council now has 7 Councillors which remains unchanged from the previous ward system.


Council elections are held in October of each second year, each term of office is for 4 years.

Approximately half the Councillors retire at each election.

Councillors are eligible to renominate.

The Councillors elect a Councillor to the Office of President and also Deputy President every second year for a 2 year term. Both are eligible to re-nominate.

For all details on Elections and becoming a Councillor please click here.

Council Meetings and Public Question Time

The Council meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month (except January) in Council Chambers at the Shire Office. Meetings commence at 3:30 pm and observers are welcome during a public question time period of up to 15 minutes at the start of each meeting.

Items for the Council's consideration must be with the CEO at 12 noon on the Monday 14 days before the meeting.

This allows time for items to be included in the Agenda document and provides Councillors with adequate time to consider the matter, and conduct any research required.

Late items will not be considered.

Meeting dates can be found here.