Responsible Cat Owners

In November 2013, the Cat Act 2011 took effect. The Act requires all cats that have reached 6 months of age to be:

  • Microchipped
  • Sterilised: and
  • Registered with the relevant Local Government

Cats are also required to wear a collar and a registration/name tag in order to be easily identified and returned to their owner.

Are you a responsible cat owner?

  • Keep you cat/s confined to your property when possible; especially at night
  • Make sure that your cat/s have a collar with a name tag to allow for easy identification.
  • Keep your cat up to date on all its vaccinations
  • Make sure that your cat is microchipped
  • Sterilise your cat

The State Government is considering the introduction of state-wide laws to control domestic cats. The legislation aims to reduce the large population of stray cats and the impact of these cats on the community and environment.

In Western Australia, thousands of cats are euthanised each year. In addition, unwanted cats have a large impact on the community and natural environment, causing nuisance and damage to property, while also killing local wildlife.

Shire of Wandering Cat Registration Form

To download a copy of the Shire of Wandering Cat Registration Form, click here.

If you require further information on registering your cat, please contact the Shire of Wandering.

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