Historical Local Buildings

Wandering's Histrical Local Buildings

The Wandering Agricultural Hall

was built in 1896 by a local builder Mr Robert Turton. Featuring locally produced stone, timber and bricks it cost 440 pounds to build.

On the 9th March 1986 Mrs George Watts senior was given the honour of laying the foundation stone.

The Agricultural Hall over its time has held many dances, sporting meetings,agricultural meetings, Church services and many other public meetings.

The same builder then in his eighties was used to replace the roof in 1940.

In the late 1950's a move by the community was made to upgrade the hall as part of the impending Centenary Celebrations.

Plans for the upgrade where submitted to council in May 1960 upgrade works continued on the building until its completion in August 1962. The upgrade saw:

Rendering of the outside of the building to preserve the brickwork and improve the appearance
Two front windows bricked in
A porch erected
The existing windows bricked into a rectangular shape and new frames installed.
In August 1962 with all the upgrade works completed it was resolved to hold a "BALL" to mark the official opening. The CWA ladies assisted with the catering and invitations where extended to neighbouring Shires and many other dignities.

120 new chairs where purchased and the old piano was upgraded to a new model for the event.

25th February 1999 The Wandering Telecentre was created and moved into The Agriculture hall on a full time basis and is still operating to this day.

St Martins Anglican Church

Towards 1929 the building of the first church in Wandering was suggested. The project was undertaken by Wandering members of the Church of England. A strong committee was formed. To raise much needed funds for the new Church community events where held, large cash donations were received and Mr George Stedman Watts (Junior) donated the current block of land the church now stands on over looking the homestead of the first settlers to Wandering.

When the building was sufficiently advanced the honour of laying the Foundation Stone was entrusted to Mrs Frances Watts of Westwood. Mrs Watts was the oldest living settler of Wandering.

When the building was completed many parishioners donated furniture and other items where purchased from the Church funds. The all important must for the Church was an Organ which was generously donated by Mrs Frances Watts.

The ceremony and opening of Saint Martins Anglican Church was held August 1929.

Today the Church holds monthly services.

Wandering Roads Board

Road Board meetings where held in the Agricultural Hall up until 1928, when it became obvious that the workings of the Board had simply outgrown the facititles. A purpose built building was decided on and completion of the building being in 1928.

In 1956 the "Shire of Wandering" Crest was created showing the areas of produce being wheat, sheep and wool.

By 1966 the Board had grown so rapidly that the "Road Boards Building" was no longer adequate and a new building at the cost of approximately $20,000.00 was built to accommodate the growing staff and administration requirements. This building is the current Shire of Wandering Office.

The new Shire of Wandering Office was officially opened on 12th November 1966.

This "Roads Board Building" is now located within the Shire's Depot facilities.

Millfarm - The Old Flour Mill

The old flour mill on "Millfarm" is located on the North Wandering Road, and was built in 1878. An example of a pioneers cottage (stonehouse) is situated adjacent to the road.