Dog Registration

Responsible Dog Ownership

The Dog Act 1976 address the control and registration of dogs: the ownership and keeping of dogs; and the obligations and rights of people; both as dog owners and non-dog owners.

Dog owners are required by law to have all dogs over the age of three months registered with Local Councils. Registrations are also valid throughout Western Australia so you can transfer your dog registration to another Council if you choose to move home or location.

The period of registration ("dog year") runs from 1 November to 31 October, regardless of the date when the dog is actually registered.


Microchipping of all dogs is compulsory from the following dates by 1 November 2015

  • All dogs from three months of age must be microchipped
  • All dogs being registered within the Shire of Wandering must be microchipped prior to registration
  • Any dog that is transferred to another owner must be microchipped

General Rules

  • All dog licences expire on 31 October the year they are registered to.
  • Dogs over 3 months old must be registered.
  • A person under 18 cannot register a dog.
  • If you are claiming a pensioner discount you must produce a current concession card when registering your dog.
  • It is the responsibility of the dog owner to prove their dog is sterilised. If your dog/s is/are sterilised then you must produce a sterilisation certificate from a vet.  If you do not have or can’t find a your dog's sterilisation certificate you can:
    • Contact the vet who sterilised the dog/s, they would have this information on file;
    • Complete a Statutory Declaration. This must be witnessed by a Commissioner of Declarations or a JP.
  • The registration tag and name and address of owner are required to be fixed to the dog’s collar. These tags allow identification and prompt return of your dog should it get lost.

For more information on the Dog Act 1976 amendments and how it will affect you and your dog, please visit the Department of Local Government and Communities, Responsible Dog Ownership webpage at

Law for Responsible Dog Ownership brochure

To download a copy of the Shire of Wandering Dog Registration Form, click here.

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