Swimming Pools & Spas

Legislation in Western Australia requires the owner or occupier of a property with a private swimming or spa pool to install barriers around the structure for the protection of young children who may enter that area with or without the knowledge or consent of the owner/occupier. Owners or occupiers are required to maintain the barrier in such a condition that it functions at all times.

If the structure contains water to a depth greater than 300mm and is used primarily for swimming, wading, bathing or like activities then the structure is required to have a barrier installed which complies with the Australian Standard 1926.1 Swimming Pool Safety.

Not included in this definition are fishponds, dams (unless used as swimming holes), creeks, rivers and lakes.

All swimming pools require a Building Permit and are registered on the Shire’s Swimming Pool Register. Pool inspections are carried out every 4 years, or as required. A building permit is required for the erection of a swimming pool fence which should be erected prior to the pool being filled with water.

More information can be found on the Swimming and Spa Pools page on the Department of Commerce Website.

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